Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Letter

I'm finishing up Dane's birthday cupcakes. His first birthday is tomorrow. I'm to the point that I know with my brain that's he's only been with me 364 days, but my heart feels like he's been with me for a lifetime. To say I'm thankful God's has given me such a privilege to be his mama, just seems too shabby. Words really do fail.

Today I've been all sentimental thinking about the past year and prayerful for the years to come. And, an idea from my sweet friend Brenda came to mind. She's the truffle guru. If you never tried her truffles, go do that.

Every year on each of her children's birthdays, she writes them a letter. A private letter to them. To gift to them later in life. I don't think I've ever asked what she puts in them, but maybe she writes about things they did in the past year, some of their strengths at that point, about their personality and interests, and her prayers for them. I love everything about this idea. What an incredible gift from mama to child.

So, tomorrow morning during Dane's morning nap, I'm going to write his first year letter.

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Anonymous said...

I like that idea, I've heard of moms doing that as well. Great idea! Have fun and enjoy him.

Happy Birthday Dane!!