Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have a friend named Brenda. I met her in the weirdest way, but am so glad I did. We don't see each other much, BUT I always enjoy our conversations. She is transparent and honest and a genuine encourager. AND, she makes the yummiest truffles ever. So much so that I have knighted her the "Truffle Guru".

When I was thinking about what to gift to Roman & Elijah sweet teachers the first day of school, these yummiest of yummies came to mind. So, I emailed Brenda and asked for her secret recipe. Okay, come to find out it's not so secret really since a wad of people seem to already know about this most spectacular of recipes, but new to me....I'm always the last to know!

Since she is a feeler baker (like she just instinctively knows), she wrote me the bare bones facts.

one brick of cream cheese, a package of oreos, 8 oz of melted chocolate.

Process cookies, reserve some crumbs for decorating. Mix cream cheese and crumbs in bowl. Roll into little balls and dip in chocolate. sprinkle with crumbs. Put in fridge at least 4 hours or overnight on baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Enjoy

Since I am a recipe follower. I'm going to give a couple of details that you may or may not need.
  • If you're like me (cheap), then you may be tempted to save money by buying generic instead of name brand ingredients. RESIST the temptation. Buy the real stuff...Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Oreo cookies
  • For the melted chocolate, use semi sweet. OR, Lisa, my high school friend and FB bud, said she uses white chocolate chips. I'm thinking this sounds like a fun thing to try. And, it would give them a totally different look.
  • When the recipe says "sprinkle with crumbs", that's really what it means. Somehow my brain couldn't decode the word "sprinkle", so I rolled mine in the crumbs. Still were good, but had more of an Oreo taste. When you actually follow the recipe, you don't even know there are Oreos in them....it's so sneaky. :)
  • Speaking of crumbs. If you have a food processor, use it. If not, crush and crush and crush some more. Since I was doing it with the boys, this was a job I gave to them (and they LOVED IT). I didn't want them to feel like their work was inadequate, so I didn't "finish" the job. The result, our crumbs weren't as fine as is best, but they still tasted great. Good job to the big boysies!
  • If you're wondering how many Oreos to save for the sprinkling....save about 10.

You know, Lisa's suggestion really made me think. This base recipe could be a jumping point for SO many variations. Use different things for the sprinkles, dipping, etc. So, take a risk, try something new!

There are some who think you shouldn't give children artistic examples for fear of stifling their own creativity. That's exactly why I didn't (forgot to) take a picture of my finished product. But, the empty pan says something....they were a hit!!

Thanks Brenda for sharing with me and making so many happy bellies today! To the rest of you....Happy Truffling!

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