Friday, January 29, 2010

Picture of the Day!

I have been keeping a little boy (other than my own) for the past few weeks and have been dangling pictures over his mama's nose like carrots to a bunny since the first day he was with us (cruel, I am). Dane's asleep, the site's done, and I'm bathed, so I FINALLY got my act together and emailed them to her.

BUT, while I was scanning through the past few weeks of photos, I found lots of fun ones of sweet baby. I found a whole vignette (like that fancy word?) of Dane expressions while eating, so I thought I'd try out Picnik for some fancy editing. It's ALL the rage, you know. And my head is STILL spinning from all the choices.


Ashley said...

Cute!!! I want to picnik!!!

Anonymous said...

This is SO creative, I love picnik! You should do an Andy Warhol print too! I love the last pic, it almost looks like he's throwing a 'Rocky' punch.