Thursday, June 18, 2009

Number 100!

I know that "technically" people commemorate the actual first 100 posts of their blog. Well, I didn't realize people did this until after my 100th post, so I tweaked it to serve my purpose. I'm celebrating the 100th post of 2009!

Here we go. 100 of something (don't know what). We'll see how it evolves (I have no idea how I'm gonna come up with 100 of anything...).

1. I'm the little sister of one brother.
2. I'm a night owl and that's works great except when I have a child who rarely sleeps past 7 and a newborn.
3. I probably haven't washed my sheets 100 times in my whole life. Nasty, I know.
4. I love photographs and think someday I'll get a really great camera like all the big girls.
5. Except for the photographs & a couple of things in the boys' rooms, I've made everything hanging on our walls.
6. I have never sent a text.
7. I just threw away some dishclothes tonight because I'd left them in the washer too long 20,000 too many times and they wreaked of mildew.
8. I have always wanted a van. They hold lots of cool is that?!
9. I was the 2nd youngest person in my class...I was 4 when I started school and 17 when I went to college.
10. My brother and I had a job mowing a cemetery when we were in high school. Because of this, I know it IS possible to RUN behind a lawn mower.
11. Ironically, one of my favorite places in the world is a particular cemetery.
12. I have never dieted. Although, I am considering it at this point. I think I'd surely fail. I have no self control with stuff like that.
13. I love to shop at thrift stores!
14. I ate/drank no caffeine for over a year in college.
15. I used to eat a clove of garlic before bed. I heard it was good for your heart. Yes, I know they make pills....raw was supposed to be more effective.
16. I've worn a toe ring since I was 19....15 years. Man, that makes me feel old.
17. I love to paint...walls.
18. I have horrible teeth and unfortunately passed those on to Roman. I brush, really, I do.
19. After 19 hours of labor, 17.5 of that with no drugs, and no sleep for almost 40 hours, I had to have an emergency C-Section. Needless to say, that one didn't go as planned.
20. Speaking of planning....our adoptive son is the only one who WAS planned.
21. We do expect to break that streak in another year and some.
22. I was perpetually late to an 8 o'clock lab in college.
23. Now, I RARELY sleep past 6 something.
24. I think ginger smells like cleaning products. Bleck!
25. I almost never make my bed. I hear it feels good. Maybe I'll try it one day.
26. I plan to have a really great garden next year, God willing. I can't wait!
27. We've found about 15 mice in our house this year. Gotta love living by a field.
28. One of my favorite things to do is pick berries. I call it my hunter/gatherer instinct.
29. I love having my toenails painted. It's like a little surprise!
30. On the other hand, literally, having my fingernails painted completely distracts me. I feel like a kitten casing a string.
31. I sent my first video ever to America's Funniest Home Videos the other night. The Growling Baby one down below. I just think it's so funny! If you disagree, poo on you.
32. Speaking of poo. It never sounds right to me when people say poo when they're talking about poop.
33. I've seen about 5 minutes of Beverly Hills 90210 in my whole life. And, I'm a complete person.
34. But, I have seen all the Roots, most of the Little House on the Prairies, and all of the Anne of Green Gables.
35. I watched virtually no TV during college and the years that followed......and then I married Ernie. :)
36. I can twist balloons.
37. I once got paid a quarter to safety during class.
38. We call farts safeties in our house. Ernie doesn't like the word fart. Crazy, I know.
39. I also once burped so loud in a diner that the cook came out of the kitchen to see who it was.
40. My mom really did TRY to teach me manners. My dad's training ultimately won.
41. I've only heard my mom safety 2ish, maybe 3 times, in my WHOLE life. And, she giggles every's very cute.
42. There's no one I'd rather "make" stuff with than my mom.
43. We were making a valance for Roman's room when he was 4 months old and she got frustrated and did some funny things (mums the word)....I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.
44. I just found the dog eating Elijah's toothbrush. I knew I shoulda moved that.
45. She's eaten 2 things of toothpaste in the past month. Guess she likes minty fresh breath.
46. I believe the Bible when it says salvation is a gift of God (Romans 6:23).
47. I rest in the promise that there is nothing I can do to earn forgiveness or His grace (Romans 5).
48. The Bible says God subjects us to frustration so we can be liberated and know the freedom of being a child of God (Romans 8:20). So true.
49. My left wrist and thumb have been killing me the past month. Something about loose joints from pregnancy. Ready for those joints to tighten up!
50. I used to ride my bike all over our town for hours and hours at a time. I loved the freedom and adventures.
51. I hate that my kids won't get that. Such amazing memories.
52. I love contests. Things I can control, not random things.
53. I once won a $50 gift certificate after collecting the most signatures at summer camp.
54. I ran my first 5K in elementary school. I used to enjoy running....maybe I should start again.
55. I'm not a fan of team sports.
56. I don't "get" fouls. If you have the ball and I want it, I will do what I need to get it.
57. Ernie used to say I'm not competitive. Uh, okay.
58. My deepest desire is for my kids to follow Christ through repentance at an early age and to glorify Him in their lives.
59. My kids ask me before they crunch suckers (to make sure they're small enough). I told you I have bad teeth....trying to give them every advantage.
60. I'm going to bed and will finish this tomorrow!
61. I laid in bed 20 minutes or so thinking of things to write.
62. I can't remember any of them.
63. I love the way a happy baby looks in the morning...all ready to meet the day!
64. I've had dysplastic moles removed, so I no longer "try" to tan.
65. Skin cancer can be prevented. Wear sunscreen and limit exposure. Watch me get it.
66. At this point, I've found zero gray hairs.
67. But, Ernie, has a whole hoard of sexy whites springing up. Love that!
68. Fall is my ABSOLUTE, without a doubt, favorite time of year. Everything about it....smells, sights, overall feeling. I miss it.
69. If you live in a place that actually HAS Fall, love it! Some of us live in the changeless land that has no Fall.
70. I have never wished my parents had named me a different name.
71. Our 3rd son's name has all the same letters of my name only in different order. Not on purpose. No significance. Just does.
72. Between Ernie and I, we've had 5 cars broken in to, 1 car stolen, and our house broken in to. Do we have "Steal From Us" written somewhere we can't see?
73. I love driving old cars. Such freedom!
74. Someone backed in to the side of me one time and I was able to tell them not to worry about it. Their dent only added to the character. It was great to help relieve their stress.
75. I love doing things by myself.
76. I supremely dislike dishonesty and manipulation.
77. If you catch me doing either one, tell me.
78. Mail is SOooooooo fun. Love getting it. Love sending it. Don't do so good at the later these days.
79. Since Ernie and I got married almost 9 years ago, he's only been to the barber once. My kids have never been.
80. A pair of good clippers and some practice dramatically saves on hair care.
81. I L.O.V.E. cherry season. And blackberry season. My favs!
82. I have a scar on my left calf from my uncle's moped radiator.
83. I think I probably rode that moped in a thousand circles around my Granny and Papaw's HUGE yard. I can still smell it.
84. My Papaw's been dead almost 10 years and I can still smell him, see him, and hear him.
85. I think raw tomatoes are yucky. I've tried. I WANT to like them. Icky texture.
86. When I was in young elementary, my dad built a zip line in our backyard. We loved it. Kid heaven.
87. When I was in junior high, my parents brought Bandit, a ferret, home from the pet store. He was wiggly and fun.
88. My mom always got us a new family game at Christmas time.
89. I always found a way to cheat. It REALLY frustrated my brother, so it entertained me.
90. Elijah takes after me. :)
91. Puzzles rock!
92. Sunlight makes me happy.
93. I can eat a whole bag of peppermint patties. Scrumptious.
94. Ernie and I didn't go on a honeymoon.
95. Hopefully, cross my fingers, we can go somewhere for our 10th anniversary, or 11th or sometime.
96. I feel like the end of this list should crescendo.
97. Today I plan to do massive amounts of laundry.
98. My pea pod friend, Sara, once told me people are the only thing worth investing in. She's right.
99. So blessed are Ernie and I by amazing Christian brothers and sisters. Watching the body of Christ at work is evidence enough that He IS!
100. I desire to live a distinctive life free from mediocrity. Still on the journey!


matt said...

Bravo! You made it. You've inspired me to make my own list. I'll let you know when I do...

P.S. We have Fall in Missouri. It's awesome

Mama Bear said...


Anonymous said...

I feel like I know you so much better now! I like you even more!

I just had a feeling that you were the baby of the are MUCH too fun. Only a 'youngest' could be successful at your business. And hey, forget making the bed. My youngest sister has probably never made her bed in her entire life either.

Firstborn bossy sister

Lil Eskimo said...

thanks kelly! :)

Bonnie said...

I loved this post, now it feels like we've actually met. It's nice, you are truly my friend now that I know all your deep dark secrets (you've seriously only washed your sheets about a hundred times and you are 15 years past 19) Ewwwww.

I actually found out that we are very similar. Dave and I didn't go on a honeymoon, Dave hasn't paid for a haircut in years... I started doing it but he took over, I'm a nightowl with early bird kids. The list could go on and on....

Anonymous said...

I think we are some kind of twinkie, only I had one older sister...

these are FUNN-EE!

Anonymous said...

whoops...and number 85...I'm sorry...have you ever tried them on a bed of goat cheese broiled on yummy whole grain with a little sprinkle of sea salt and a spattering of pepper on top?

Ang said...

I feel like I've met a kindred spirit! So many similarities between our lives. :) Glad to meet ya!