Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great Idea Day!!

Infarrantly Creative is having Great Idea Day today, so I thought I'd participate. I'm all about sharing good ideas, so why not?!

A few things I wanna share.....

First are the rockin' shoes that Dane and I have been loooving. These stay put soft soled baby shoes are the best I've used! And, she makes adult slippers that are comfy stuff.

Second is Bar Keepers' Friend. The B.E.S.T. stainless steel cleaner EVER. Makes it look like new and soooo easy to use!!

Third is how to clean glass shower doors. Form a baking soda/water paste. If you're as clean (or dirty) as me, you'll probably need close to an entire box of baking soda. They're just a few cents, what do you have to lose?! Rub the paste on the glass. Leave it for as long as you want. I normally leave it 15 minutes or so (it needs lots of time to work on my dirty, dirty glass). Wet a scrub brush and work the paste in a circular motion over the entire door. Make sure to concentrate on areas with lots of grime. Rinse off the paste. Repeat in areas that need more help (the more often you do this, the less you'll need to repeat). I finish it off with some glass cleaner to make the door sparkle and shine. I could NOT believe how wonderfully this worked the first time I did this. AMAZING!


Ells said...

Thanks for the tip! Mine are always tough to clean and Bon Ami didn't do the job today. Your baking soda hint is timely! :)

GirlyGirlzBows said...

I'm totally going to try your baking soda trick...We buy soda by the bag load at Sam's Club so it should be easy! Thanks for sharing!

I saw your blog from Great Idea Day at Infarrantly Creative!

Sara @

Infarrantly Creative said...

Baking soda huh? I will have to try that. Thanks for participating!