Thursday, July 9, 2009

My FAV cleaning friends

If I have found good stuff, I like to share it. In the world of cleaning, there are a few products that I think rock!

Here they are, in no particular order:

White Vinegar

Favorite uses: Cleaning windows with vinegar/water mixture and newspapers. Cleaning hard surfaces.


Favorite uses: Getting stains out of little boy clothes. I use a whole lot of this. I go piece by piece through the kids' laundry and spray the neck & chest area and the wrists of long sleeved shirts. And, of course, any random spots I see. Shout it out!!


Oxygen Cleaner

I couldn't find a picture (I didn't look very long) of what I ACTUALLY use. I'm cheap, so I buy the generic oxygen cleaner...Sun.

Favorite uses: I throw a scoop in for all the kids' laundry (yes, Shout AND Sun..they're boys!), our towels, sheets, and anything else that I think needs extra love.


Bar Keeper's Friend

My mom has used BKF FOREVER and I've used it since I've had my own bar, I mean, sink.

Favorite uses: It makes stainless steel sparkle like no other. It is AMAZING. Sinks, pots, anything stainless. Try it, I promise you'll love it! You can get it at Walmart and I'm sure other fine retailers.


Scrub Brush, Hands & Knees

Favorite Uses: Cleaning floors. I've tried mops & steam mops and have come to love my scrub brush. Nothing like it.

Now it's YOUR turn. I shared (not that you asked) and now I wanna know. What are YOUR favs?? Make my life easier. Share your secrets!


Bonnie said...

I like all but the last one... I don't particularly like getting on my hands and knees.

I have a fantastic carpet cleaner... Folex. You may have heard of it, but it is chemical free so it's safe for the kids and it works great.... no need for the hands and knees afore mentioned :-)

Mama Bear said...

i will get folex. if you saw my carpet, you'd know how MUCH i need folex. i just looked it up...can get it at lowe's or bed, bath, & beyond! can't wait!!

The Lowe Family said...

i'll second the folex it freakin ROCKS!!!

and i'll also object to bonnie's comment about being on hands and knees....whatever. that's not what she told me!

Krystal Schmidt said...

My favorite carpet stain remover is Kids N Pets All Purpose Stain and Odor Remover. It has never failed and best of all it has a pleasant (non-chemical) scent. I get it at Target in the cleaning section - you can't miss the blue and yellow bottle. Here's the link:


daltonganghawaii said...

On the laundry note, I have started making my own detergent, saves you tons of money. Its the recipe that the Duggars' use. I got it off of in their forum under frugal living. I'm sure it is on other places on the internet too. You use fels-naptha soap, borax, and washing soda (not baking soda). It cost me about $2 to make 10 gallons of detergent. For a family of 5 (and a hubby obsessed with laundry) the 10 gallons will last us about 5 months.

Mama Bear said... n pets...have both, sounds like it would be worth while for me to try this out!!

okay, laura, i've always contemplated making my own laundry detergent. my one question has always been if it does a good job AND if it feels different than commercial detergents. what do you think? obviously, price can't be beat, BUT, what do you think about the way it works and makes your clothes feel? THANKS for the input!!