Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've said it before, scrapbooking is not my thing. I know, I know, it's a travesty. Fear not, my children WILL have their precious smiles and moments to recall.

Instead of 12 X 12 papers and embellishments, I cut and paste with the click of my mouse. I document our years using Annual Photo Books. For all but two, I've used Shutterfly and have been thrilled with the results!

This is what I've done. I started with Roman's first year and created a book for each of his first 4 years. I printed one copy for him.

When Elijah joined our family, our annual books included all of us. I printed two copies, one for each boy.

Now that there are 5 of us, I felt like a normal sized photo book may not "cut it". So, for this next year, I am making a unique album for each boy. There will be many pages that are the same for all, but there will be pages that are special to each particular child. AND, not only am I including photos and memories, I am also including artwork. Elijah's snazzy bat below is one example. I just snap a photo and then I will be able to see their quirky creations for years to come.

At the end of every book, I include a prayer for each boy. The words reflect my prayers from that year. I also used Dane's birth book as an opportunity to write blessings for him. The boys hear us pray for them nightly, but there's something so sweet to read the prayers and blessings as we read through the fun and funny memories. I am glad they'll have the written prayers to read now and in the future. I pray they'll see many of them answered.

In the collection, there are a few unique books that don't fit the normal plan. I made a book of Dane's birth and first couple months. I made a book of our first family photo shoot after Dane was born. And, Vanessa at Contemporary Portraits made us a spectacular book of our fall shoot.

When I first started these, I kept the books high in my closet never to be touched. We'd get them out every once and a while and look through them. My plan was to give them to the boys when they were old enough to gone from home and responsible.

BUT, Elijah, couldn't get enough of the books. He wanted to see them more often than I wanted to climb onto the stool and risk my limbs. So, I thought who cares if the books get fingerprints and ruffled pages. If he needs to see these pictures as often as he wants, I want him to have them now. I find him sometimes "reading" his books in his room. Other times I find them off his bookshelf spread on the floor or open to his favorite pictures. Roman sometimes asks me to look through his with him and tell him stories about the different photos. DEFINITELY would rather them be enjoyed than gathering dust.

And now, I want to enjoy my pillows and comfy bed. Off I go to dream about captions and picture placement!

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