Monday, November 2, 2009

Bubba Sookie Buzz

At 9 months, Dane is................

22 lbs 10 oz...75 % percentile
31.5 the chart...a big ole boy

Today, just in time (like right after I used the VERY last diaper in the house), we got a box of Seventh Generation diapers delivered right to our door. 140 size 3 for $23.39 and that includes shipping. Go to Money Saving Mom to find out how! I had a hard time getting the final $4 off, but the comments on the post helped me figure out how, so make sure you read those! FYI, look at the weight for these diapers...normally we'd be in size 4, but their size 3 goes all the way to 28 lbs....nice because that means we get more!

FYI...this is the very first time I've bought diapers since before Dane was born. How? Our church family was so loving to give us a diaper shower when he was small(er). AND, I stocked up on size 1 and 2 diapers at Babies R Us the day after Thanksgiving last year. They had their big boxes of diapers on sale for $10 and their big boxes of wipes on sale for $5!!! Those are UNBEATABLE prices! So, keep your eyes open....I'm hoping for the same deal this year.

I WILL empty the van of everything but me. I WILL go in and out and in and out getting my 3 box limit as many times as they will let me. I have NO pride when it comes to cheap diapers. And, for those of you who have never ventured to the land of Babies R Us diapers, I used them for Roman and now for Dane and am a satisfied customer.

If you're still diapering a little one in your house, check out that Seventh Generation deal!


The Lowe Family said...

i've never used anything other than pampers and huggies. i don't know why. i never even thought of buying a different brand. that i have 60 kids in diapers maybe i should consider?

Lil Eskimo said...

uh, yeah! you HAVE to go to babies r us (if there's one close) the day after Thanksgiving...word on the street is that the sale is an annual thing. babies r us is made by pampers, so there you go, they're pamper-ish. $10 for the BIG boxes. a huge help!!