Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

WE LOVE COSTUMES! And, we love the fun of Halloween!! Unfortunately, our middle brother is still flu-ish and didn't get to trick or treat. He was truly sad until he found out he'd get to eat Oreos with Daddy and that made it okay. I had no idea Oreos carried THAT much power. Gotta keep that info stashed away for a rainy day.

So, without further ado....I present to you our Halloween!

Player #1
"I didn't get to wear my costume, but mom told me to 'go crazy' with face paint" Boy

Player #2
Stoic Darth Vader Baby

"I can't believe it's FINALLY here!!!!!" Knight

The neighborhood crew!

We love our neighborhood for many reasons, but one eclipses the rest. We have some of the BEST neighbors on the planet. Look at this! She has a whole smorgasbord of goodies. AND, she had a whole gallon ziploc filled ready for our family when we got there! Talk about feelin' the love!

Roman and his buddy "the magician". These two have known each other since they were 2 and have a great time. We are SO glad the magician and his bunny (he had his mom wear bunny ears....i cracked up!) came to trick or treat with us!

This is another of my favorites (the family and the pic). This is a family who always has a fun house on Halloween, but this year takes the punch bowl. LOOK AT THEM! And, the dad is in the box...see his hand? Did I say I love our neighborhood?

Shiny Knight laden with TWO bags. He carried one for sick boy and peddled candy for two.

Dane couldn't figure out why he couldn't have any of the bright colored yummies.

What a great night!

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The Lowe Family said...

LOOOVE the costumes/facepaint. did u already talk about why E couldn't wear his? i need to keep scrolling prolly.