Friday, October 30, 2009


While I was looking at Etsy recently, probably one of the nights it swallowed me into its black hole of baby shoes or crawler covers, I noticed something about caramels. What?! Etsy sells FOOD too!? Down another rabbit hole I plunged. After salivating over caramels, fudge, chocolate covered cherries, homemade marshmallows (???...i'm not even a marshmallow girl), I somehow ended up noticing cupcake papers.

I knew I'd signed up to take cupcakes to a church event. And these cupcake liners were MUCH cuter and about the same price (kinda, when you leave shipping out :) as what I would pay at a store. I realize it's a justification. But, I thought seriously, splurging an extra $2 on cupcake liners is way better than splurging 50 times that on something else, right? Just nod your head.

Anyway, enough about my guilt, back to the point. I got them at HeyYoYo. As with all the etsy purchases I've made in the past year or so (all 5 of them), Amanda at HeyYoYo was great at getting them to me so speedily and in the cutest packaging. If you've never bought from etsy, these sellers really do some neat things to show their appreciation. And, I enjoy being the reaper of their neatness!

I chose two different styles, because shipping on any set after the first is only 50 cents. I saw the ones I wanted for now and spied a really great set for something I have planned later.

Look at these! You can't find papers like this any ole' place. I already had the tiny bally things and was pumped that they matched perfect.

I just think they are fun! Am I the only one? I may be ruined forever.


The Lowe Family said...

by the looks of ALLLLL these comments ur gettin on this post...

i think ur the only one.

but that's okay. own it.

Lil Eskimo said...

shut up j lowe. i like 'em!