Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day Fun!

It's THAT day. The first day of school 2009! I was almost nice the whole morning. Only had one small bobble.....but I made cinnamon rolls and eggs for breakfast.....does that counteract the moment o' frustration? All in favor, raise your right hand!

Everyone's off but me and the Littles. Oh, and the Caker Baker. We're getting SO much done! Yippee!

Here's a few shots.....
Our secret back entrance. Boy am I thankful for that!

Short Stuff on his very first day of kindergarten. He's got the 80's feathered bangs look. Oh well, he's excited and that's the important thing! I've been thinking about him all day. I know he's going to have a great year!!

My biggest boy baby. First Grade. Sigh.

New shoes. New backpack. Big brother's old clothes :). Treats for the teachers.

My sweet boy with tired eyes. This one is a sleeper and he couldn't believe it was ALREADY time to wake up. Now that I look at this picture, I think he was more nervous than he let on. He's such a good student and lots of his friends were in his class. I know he's going to have a lot to tell me!

Here they are! My boys!

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