Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yeah, yeah, yeah, another one!

We call this the moonscoot (is that how you spell looks wrong).


Bonnie said...

I think when you make up words, it doesn't matter if they are misspelled.

Elijah, please move. Elijah, please move. Oh that's it kid, the camera's going off and you are going down.

That's what I picture you saying anyway. Dane is super cute! I love the he looks so much like you! I think that he is the only one that does.

Lil Eskimo said...

bonnie, i'm laughing. can you tell which kid my FB status was about the other day? :)

you think so?!?!!!! i think roman looks a lot like me. he has my eyes. actually, i think he's a brunette version of my brother, at least right now.

elijah, despite the circumstances resembles ernie.

and, dane, i think has ernie's eyes, face shape, mouth, nose, i think he's a mini ernie!

you've inspired me...i think i'll do a compare post. don't hold your breath to see it anytime soon...parties, school, life, might be a while, but i'll put it on the list!

JulieChats said...

So cute! We called my daughter's first movement the PLOW, she laid on her back, balancing on both feet & her head, then pushed herself around, almost breaking her neck...strange, yes, but it worked for her!

Visiting tonight from Harriet's site.