Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet Caker Baker

This is Cheesecake. She's our dog. The best dog EVER. What other dog would want to live with 2 crazy kids? What other dog would carry our socks around the house like they're trophies? What other dog would be Elijah's partner in crime to eat what he doesn't want? What other dog would climb up in our lap at 70 something lbs just like she did at 10 lbs? What other dog would sprint up and down the stairs from one window to another when we're playing in the front yard? What other dog would shed uncontrollably and share her hair with all who enter? What other dog would I find guarding Dane's door in the middle of the night?

Our Caker Baker Love Story....
One Sunday morning, our dear friends C & H, barrelled in to home group late. So unlike them, so of course, we wanted to know why. Holly'd been running that morning because she's healthy like that. And, what to her wondering eyes did appear but 10 tiny reindeer, uh, I mean, 6 little lab pups. That's right, a WHOLE litter of 'em. She went home, fetched Chad, and came back to cart the little pups home.
So, I'm pretty sure as soon as Holly finished her story that morning, out of MY mouth came, "I want one." I have always loved dogs and at that point, the big boys were almost 5 and 3 1/2 and I thought, we can handle a ball o' fur.
We followed C & H back to their house after home group and picked a little girl with long lanky legs. Roman thought we should name her Cheesecake. Fit perfect. The rest is.....history.


Bonnie said...

Ah, how sweet. I love labs, I actually love all dogs, but I hate the work that goes into having one. I think my family is a little to lazy for the responsibility.

B Boys Mom said...

She looks so sweets. Our dog passed away a couple of years ago and we just can't replace her she was so very good. I had 3 little boys when we found her then had another boy. She was just so good with them. I miss her very much. Love the name Cheesecake :)

A Lil Enchanted said...

Just popped over from Harriet's...

Mmmm.. I love cheesecake!... and your dog is a beauty!

A Lil Enchanted,