Thursday, July 30, 2009

Making a Statement

Since I do have boys and since our school does wear uniforms, there aren't a whole lotta ways to make "statements". But I have found that a cool backpack'll go a long way in the swagger of a young gent.

Unfortunately, just like fashionable purses, fun backpacks can be RIDICULOUSLY priced!

So, I thought I'd pass on a great deal I found and then send you in the way of some other potentially super buys.

My Find!
(If I was really great, I'd have just the right angle and lighting to capture the coolness, but I'm only kinda great, so you'll have to trust me on this.)

I call it Camo Skater!

How much was it? $5!!!

Where to get yours? Walmart, IN THE PURSE SECTION.

Is this the only style? Nope, they also had red & blue ones. And, of course, WAY more choices for girls.

Something to keep in mind: This is not a huge backpack. Great size for a younger elementary student. I have done the folder test and it passed!

Not for you? Okay, try these (click on the store name to go to their website)....

Walmart--Character packs, Roller Packs, Great Girl Designs, Boys Designs too. Starting at $7!

Target--For those with more discriminating tastes. Starting at $9.99, but they have a HUGE selection. A buncha buncha. Most of the popular shoes...old and new.

Land's End--If price is no option, then good for you! They have some unique fabrics and fun styles that I hope would last longer than my $5 beauty. So, if you have a classic child, you might check these out.

Lillian Vernon--You can get a personalized backpack for as low as $14.98 here. Some really cute things for both boys and girls. While you're at it, personalize some pencils for your child's teacher as a welcome back gift!

The Children's Place--Some cute ones for girls. Animal mini backpacks that are really fun. All of their styles I see are $15.50.

So, there you have it. Happy Backpack Hunting!!


Michelle Smiles said...

Back packs weren't really "in" when I was in school. My elementary search included finding the PERFECT trapper keeper. One year perfect meant plain purple, another I recall grey kittens. LOL So funny how something change but others don't.

Lil Eskimo said...'re RIGHT!!! TRAPPER KEEPERS!!!!!! loved mine!!!!! i kept everything in that beloved bundle. Wow! i haven't thought of those in forever!

The Lowe Family said...

HEEEY thanks for doing all the shopping FOR me. kora left her backpack in the airport in dallas DANGIT and we won't get it back until october when my parents visit so it looks as though she'll need a new one for school.

Kristen said...

I am dreading the school shopping. Counting down the years...

Moms On The Go said...

Wow $5.00 that is GREAT!!!

Stopping by from Harriet's August Comment Challenge :)

B Boys Mom said...

What great buys! I love the Land Ends back packs. I know they are price but you can get more then 1 year out of them.

I'm also stopping by from Harriet's August Comment Challenge. You have a wonderful blog.

Alyson said...

You are the queen of random blogs...I have to say, but for some reason, you reel me in and captivate me with your random pictures and bits of knowledge. You're awesome.

Becki said...

Great finds! I miss getting ready for school each fall :)

Found your site through Harriet's.

Lil Eskimo said...

welcome all new readers!!!! what a fun surprise to meet you all.

and, new that you?!