Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One time at summer camp

It's July and that means a whole new batch of summer camps. Tuesdays are Community Helpers...fire & trash trucks, ambulance, & police. Thursdays are Fan Club...a whole lotta HSM, Jonas Bros, Hannah, etc.

Today is Tuesday and that means Community Helpers. We sure did kick it off with a bang! A visit from the best Fire Fighters ever and their smokin' ride!

The kids were excited about camp, but they were EXCITED when they found out they actually got to meet the fighters and see and GO IN their truck!!!

Roman in the truck!

Elijah in the truck!

Stop, Drop, & Roll. Don't forget to have your kids cover their eyes! Practice this with them.

Also, I found a great song the kids loved. To the tune of "Farmer in the Dell", Stop, Drop & Roll; Stop, Drop & Roll; If your clothes should catch on fire; Stop, Drop & Roll!

This is how you get out of your house when there's a fire. Stay low to stay away from the smoke!

We had fire truck jigglers for our snack. Have you made jigglers yet with your kids? A big ole hit! Recipe's on the box.

Fireman Kevin in firefighter attire. The officers told me that lots of young kids are afraid of the uniform. That this is the age group where the kids hide when they are trying to get them of fires. So, if you have little ones, check with your local station to see if you can bring yours by to meet some fire fighters, see the truck, and even see an officer in the fire uniform. The guys encouraged all the kids to touch Kevin to help reduce fears.

Kevin practicing with the kids how to crawl to an exit. Seriously, this extremely tall guy, on the floor with the kids. How great are these fire fighters?!

I included this one because I think it's funny. Axe over a group of kids. Great timing.

Here's Officer CASEY (I called him Cody at least 2 times), sorry :)! And, Officer ... Jake? Now I forget HIS name (REALLY sorry).

Thanks to the Burleson FD for making this a great day for the kids!!

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