Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Day!

Until today, I didn't know there were SO many ways to infuse the word Super into an hour and a half. I cannot brag enough on these kids. They made it sooooo much fun!

We had Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Optimus Prime, AND Super Girl. Hello?! This is definitely the makings of a SUPER DAY!

We made Superhero Belts. So easy and the kids really got into it. How to make them at your house....

Strip of felt. Foam stickers (I used the baby bucket of little shapes from Michael's). Hot glue (if available). I pre-dotted (put a dot each place they're put a shape) the first letter of their name in the middle of their belt.
I hear it's challenging to take the backing off foam stickers with a Spidey mask on. :)

Super Corners. Walk in a circle. When the music stops, run to a corner!

Before camp, my own superheroes made the toppings for our Super Sundaes.
What? Your kids don't wear their undies in the middle of the day?

Yeah, I know they're on the floor. They were so excited when I handed it to them they just plopped down. They wash their hands and the food is in a container. Does that count? :)

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