Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Movie Monday

On Monday, our friend Samuel came to stay with us a few hours. I don't remember exactly what these two were doing, but I thought it was so sweet, I tried to snap a quick pic.

Ernie was watering the backyard and peeked his head in to see if any little people wanted to take advantage of the water, so Roman and Samuel decided YES and stripped down to undies. Roman dove right in. Samuel was trying to figure out how to get past Cheezers to get to that fun water.

We had Movie Monday planned with our row 'o neighbors, so a few seconds into sprinkler fun, our "Wilson", yelled over the fence. She wanted to know if we were going to have a water delay. Naw. Just wanted to catch a few drops. :)

Don't ask me what he's doing. Figures that I'd get THIS shot.

Yeah!! He made it. And LOVED it!

So, after water was over, we headed over to the Party Pad for Movie Monday.
A gazillion kids (really only 3 families, crazy, huh?), a movie, and bags of popcorn and fruit snacks (thanks Olivia!). Nothing more needed!

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The Lowe Family said...

thats too many kids for me to handle. oh wait, thats how many i'll have in like 4 months.


tryin to catch up on ur blog. oh and u'll NEVER be a forgotten friend :) ur my dena :)

january 2012, here comes our friendship reunited (and it feels so good).