Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is IT??

Well, it's Wednesday!  And, despite a slight diversion I'll tell you about later, I'm here and READY.

So......LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!! (Ya'll ready for this....Da Da Da Da Da Da...--this is supposed to be that sports "pump it up" music)

I'm gonna go ahead and do two because I'm really experimenting at this point.  So, the rules are, 

  1. You have to be first to correctly comment on this post ON the BLOG..facebook or email entries don't count.
  2. If you have second thoughts or an "Ah Ha" moment in the middle of the day, you CAN comment again.
  3. You don't have to get both of them right to win.  We can have 2 winners this week...that's okay!
So, without further ado (I'm sure I botched that...I've never spelled ado, just said it.  It sounds French, so now I'm POSITIVE I screwed up the spelling...c'est la vie).............

What is IT???? #1

What is IT????? #2


Lisa said...

ok the first one is the return air vent, and the second one has me stumped!!

Joel said...

Dang! First one I agree with Lisa.

Second one, I'm going to guess garbage disposal.


Mrs. Russell said...

I have to agree with joel on #2. disposal.
and #1, I was going to guess the blinds, but I am thinking that I am wrong. :(

The Lowe Family said...

1. is the air vent. duh.

2. i think it's a close up of the water heater.