Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a wonderful time celebrating Christ's resurrection with our church family this morning and enjoyed an egg hunt with neighborhood friends this afternoon!

Dane was ultra excited when we told him it was almost time for the egg hunt!

Here are a few shots of the four crazy big boys and one of our littlest neighbor, B Paul.

I said "Everyone Jump!"  And they did.  No, Roman didn't end up on the little friend.  I'm not sure how.  I couldn't decide whether to put this one first or...

the one where Roman's undies are hanging out of his pants (blow it up to see him in all his gangsta-ness).  While your there (with it blown up), check out his shoes.  This is what happens when Daddies shop for shoes. :)

I'm sure you didn't miss Roman's Easter basket flying in the wind (my family and friends are smart and notice EVERYTHING).  Yes, my children are the ones with plastic bags instead of baskets.  I HAD baskets but have NO idea where they went.  They're probably the same place my bag of like 150 plastic eggs is.  Can't find that either.  Knowing me I may've (can you make may and have into a conjunction?) donated them thinking I knew where to get more. 

You may be wondering if I couldn't find the baskets, did our kids get Easter paraphenalia? Yes, they did, but, no, we didn't tell them it came from the Easter Bunny (this is fair warning to never allow your children to engage in imaginary holiday character conversations with our kids).  I know, J. Lowe, that too.  We have, without a doubt, ripped every shred of childhood holiday joy from our children.  They look disappointed don't they? :)

So, what did I do?  I emptied Dane's clothes out of these handy dandy containers (from our super special friend H of C & H).  Hello?! 

Now I'm sure you're wondering why you feel like you're looking at the Walmart checkout line.  Because YOU ARE.

Note to self....don't wait until the last minute to buy Easter basket fillers.  I couldn't look at one more egg shaped ANYTHING.  I just couldn't do it.  I was utterly uninspired.  I went to 4 stores yesterday and couldn't bring myself to get ANYTHING.  I thought Dane would understand my lack of inspiration, but wasn't so sure I could sell that to Roman and Elijah, so at my 5th and final store, I stood at the checkout waiting to buy my eggs (the real kind) and went crazy choosing things I rarely let my kids have.  Chips (funyons and hot cheetos--who DOESN'T love those?), rice crispie treats, cakesters, tiny oreos, fruit by the foot, gushers, fruit roll ups, flashcards (okay, we more than rarely encourage learning :), water guns, you know...the good stuff!

A good result of my procrastination is that Roman and Elijah will DEFINITELY notice if I eat some of their stash.  So, see maybe this was just a subconscious effort to continue to loose baby weight.  Or not.

Gotta go change laundry so people have clothes to wear tomorrow!

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The Lowe Family said...

totally ghetto bags, but i expect that from you..none other.

i'm sad for the lack of the bunny in ur home. i know i know...

love theb asket of loot. those are all YOUR favorite items...remember what you told me the hot cheetos do to ya?!?!?