Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Have you done it?!

Have you figured out what you'll get your mama for Mother's Day?  

Some years I'm ON (like the year I did Roman's handprints on special Happy Grammy/Grandma Day buttons).  Some years I'm NOT (like last year when they got their gifts sometime in the summer).

THIS year I'm HOT HOT HOT!!  Soon and very soon I'll have our gifts wrapped up and ready to go.  At this rate, I'll probably even mail them in time to get there for the actual holiday!  Could it be true?!?!!!

I *think* our gifts this year will be ultra awesome, but I haven't actually seen them yet.  So, I'll let you know and post a picture after the fact.  That's right Mom, not gonna give it away.  :)

If YOU have a completely awesome idea, comment and share.  Help the rest of us out!

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