Monday, March 23, 2009

The Results are In!

Okay, I have to brag about Nell one last time until the next time she shoots amazing pictures for us!  Cowtown Camera Girl is AMAZING!

Let me share my philosophy on great photography (even though you didn't ask).....

I LOVE pictures.  If you were in my house, you'd never know because I do a horrible job of displaying them.  I have more up in our room than anywhere else in the house.  And, most of you who know me know that's my "challenging" room, so the door is closed virutally all of the time (unless I JUST cleaned and am proud of myself :).  So, that means those of you who've never been into the inner recesses have not seen the pictures.  Wow, diversion.  So, anyway, I love pictures.

AND, I LOVE real life photography.  The kind of photos that capture true expression.

So, when Roman was little, I took lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of snapshots that I love and took him WAY TOO OFTEN to regular studios for pictures.

Then, I met this girl named Jessica (J. Lowe, Jessie from the Block, "The Lowe Family" from my comments) and she has a sister with INCREDIBLE skills.  I saw her work and HAD to have her take pictures of my kids.  So, I used my Just Between Friends consignment money a couple years ago to have Amy at Daisy Productions come and capture the boys playing at a park.  I was in love.  Like I said, the girl has a tremendous gift....and I could see the boys and hear them in the photography and I just loved it.

Amy is SO good that she's able to charge big buckaronis for her work now (and it's worth it), so, when I wanted to get maternity pictures done last fall, I looked for someone with great quality more in our price.  With that said, if you're on the Dallas side or anywhere in the metroplex really and have a budget that works with it, Amy is unbelievable....been in magazines, won important awards and all that WOW stuff!

Anyway, again, back to the point, FOUND HER!!!  Amazing quality and the right price!  Cowtown Camera Girl!  And, she had (and still has) a maternity/newborn package.  Hello?!  Even better!  When I booked our sessions last Fall, her price was a steal...I won't even tell you what a great deal we got cause you'll be jealous :)!  Sadly (for me anyway), her 2009 pricing is more, but honestly, probably more in line with her workmanship.

So, for me, great photography is such a treasure.  I figure I'm cheaper than cheap in every other compartment....this is my splurge!  As my mom says, it's all about priorities! :)

Just got an email from are some of the new pics!

Love this little licker!

I love his full face about melting my heart....
Why didn't I think to stand up straight??

How beautiful is God's handiwork?

In Roman's pirate room.  I love getting to see how he tapes his artwork on the wall and the symmetry and getting the boys in action playing NICELY together.  They were SO excited to show Nell all their stuff.

Jumping on Elijah's bed.  They had a blast during this picture!
I've saved up my dollars (as Roman would say) and I CAN'T wait to get some of these and put them in a place where EVERYONE can see them in our home.

Check Nell or Amy out.  But, be warned.  Once you step out of a traditional studio, there's no going back.

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