Monday, March 23, 2009

How'd I Do??


Let's review what I HOPED to get done last week....
  • Post partum check up.  God willing, the green light for all kinds of things including a BATH!!! DONE!!
  • A BATH...gonna take a good, long bath or maybe 2 or 3!!!! DONE!!
  • Get the taxes done.  We're almost there...just need to finish a few things. NOT DONE....not one thing done on this last week.  ETA...this weekend....or 4/15 :)
  • A GOOD nap a day!!  Enough said!  Uh, NOT DONE...somehow there was too much going on...can we say 3 kids!?  What was I smoking to even put this on the list?
  • Finish the garage.  When it's all the way done, I'll put some pictures up and tell you all about it!  No more done on it, but it still looks great, just not all the way done.
  • Paint Dane's room (this may or may not get done....not willing to push it to the limit, so we'll see how this goes)  NOT DONE....SOOO many things trumped this "to do"
So, not much done on "the list", but some great things accomplished. What did we get done?
  • LOTS of good time outside playing with the boys and neighbors.
  • Ernie and the boys got the lawn in great shape....will look even better as the grass grows and gets green.
  • Grocery shopping!
  • Summer Camp Descriptions written and submitted for summer camps at the Burleson Community Center.  Forgot to add this to the original list, but this is a BIG one.  A great summer income supplement for our home last year and we pray another great summer for this year!
  • Just a relaxing time being HUGE homebodies!
How are you guys doing on your Spring "to do" lists?  This doesn't have to be a rhetorical CAN comment. :)

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Mrs. Russell said...

Honestly, I need to do so much, but I am so pressed for time! By the time I get my everyday "to do's," I am pooped. I did get the backyard cleaned and we got our garage cleaned out. I wiped the walls down and went thru toys and trashed the ones with missing parts. I need to work on the never ending laundry. Once that is done, I will be SO happy!