Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few thoughts....

  • Will Cheesecake ever STOP shedding?  She really is the best dog ever.  Obedient, loving, protective, but this hair thing has got to end!!  I emptied the canister, vaccuumed the living room and got this much.  And, YES, I've vaccuumed recently AND I brushed her last night and got enough fur for a small creature.  Craziness!
  • I want more walls.  I am so inspired to plaster every crevice with photos!
  • Ernie drove the van to school with the boys today.  I walked over with Dane in the stroller when it was time to pick up Elijah. Of course, I didn't "troubleshoot" collapsing the stroller. Because they're common sense, right?  WRONG.  I had to LEAVE the stroller there for Ernie to figure out because I couldn't collapse it (am I REALLY dumber than a stroller?) AND I couldn't fit it in the van.....believe me, I tried.
  • I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be able to sleep on my belly again!
  • I am thankful God gives self control and patience.
  • I am glad my poop is FINALLY getting back to normal.  I was beginning to think I was on breastmilk.  I'm laughing...Jessica, "a little"?
  • I wonder if I can keep our grocery/food bill under $350/mth.
  • When do kids figure out that we know what they're doing because we HEAR them??
  • I'm amazed at how quickly 2 hours of sleep can pass.  Seriously.  If I hadn't seen the clocks myself, I would swear I'm only sleeping 5 minutes at a time.
  • What?  It's almost April?!  Where'd February and March go?  How could I have missed them....does 5 minutes of sleep make THAT much of a difference?
  • This was the point that I went back to work with my previous. Can I just say how THANKFUL I am for a husband that sacrifices wants, and, more than that, for a God who provides our needs!
  • I love how Roman followed me around last night plugging his CD player into numerous outlets so we could listen to his book on tape together.
  • I wonder what pinata Elijah will pick for his birthday party????
  • I should defrost chicken for dinner..............................................


The Lowe Family said...

i love that i'm not the only one who discusses her poop issues on her blog for the world to see.

go poop!

uhmm...the stroller? are u kidding me? i really thought higher of you than that.

Mama Bear said...

sleep deprivation...that's my excuse.... it's been SIX years...they've made them easier and that makes it harder for me.

Mrs. Russell said...

belly sleeping, even if it is 5 minutes is the BEST.

Mrs. Russell said...

wierd....my word verification was andsatin!!!! scary!

daltonganghawaii said...

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