Friday, March 20, 2009


Ask my parents...even all the way back to toddlerhood, I couldn't keep good news to myself (I can remember exposing AT LEAST one Christmas gift and probably more :).  Before long, I ALWAYS fold. Rest assured, I AM able to keep my mouth shut about other people's stuff, just not my own.

So, here's my master plan...last Fall when I found Cowtown Camera Girl, I choose to do the maternity/newborn shoot package.  So, she did an AMAZING job last year.  And......she came back to shoot the newborn session yesterday.  

Okay, the littlest Franco is on a decent schedule at this point, he really is,....with some variation for when he sleeps longer (only slightly) during the night or when he needs to eat a little sooner because he's six weeks and seems to be going through a growth spurt.  Okay, so maybe we still have a while to go in the schedule department :).  And, he's pretty consistent in the mood category except when he is sleepy, hungry, or needs to poop.  

All of these details make it interesting when it comes to scheduling especially anything in advance ESPECIALLY something meant to "capture" him at this point in life.  So, I looked at all his feeding records (yes, I have them ALL...back to birth) and his napping tendencies before I scheduled.  Then because his sleeping/eating seemed to change a little, I moved the photo time up an hour.  Like all well laid plans, I seemed to miss almost all 3 of the marks.  He didn't go down for his nap just prior to the shoot because he had a load to deliver and was feeling a little pooped (literally).

With that said, we had a Rocky start to the session.  Nell was so patient and hung in there with us and I woke up this morning and found a sneak peek in my inbox.

Now to the part of what I wasn't going to do.  I scheduled the shoot and was going to get the pictures printed and send them to our parents as a surprise.  Another well laid plan to pot because I CAN'T WAIT!!!  I need my mom and dad to SEE THESE PICTURES!!!

I'm just posting these 2 for right now because I'm weak and because I don't wanna ruin the WHOLE thing.  So, enjoy these and keep your eyes out for more.  I'll spill more beans when Nell finishes with our session!  Click on them and blow 'em up big...they are SO GOOD!  Thanks Nell!!

How fun are THESE expressions?!?!?!?!?



The Lowe Family said...

look at those sweet naked boys. i love it!!!!

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

Your family is so cute! I LOVE how the session turned out. Can't wait to show you everything.

:0) Nell