Monday, January 5, 2009

Rock a bye Baby Name...

We've had Baby Dane's first name for a long time, but his middle name quickly took a backseat once that was resolved.

So, now we're on the home stretch and I'm thinking maybe we should decide on one.  Names have been a fairly personal choice for us in the past.  We didn't ask for family or friend opinions, we choose just by ourselves.  But, with this one, I'm curious, what do you guys think?

The options are to the left.  A little background...

Option 1:  CARTER--a good name.  We both like it.  Entered the running as I read all the backs of football jerseys during some game over the past few weeks.  Ernie immediately loved it.  We have a couple of great friends whose little boys have it for either a first or middle name, so that's the only down.

Option 2: ANTHONY--I like it.  Ernie's not crazy about it.

Option 3: ROCKY--the result of laying in bed last night.  Ernie threw it out.  I think the name is fun, but then again, I love all things Rocky (I'm weird like that).  It doesn't go with Dane at all, but oh well. 

Option 4: FORD--our boys are WAY into Indiana Jones these days and Elijah was just standing here with something Indiana Jones and I thought Harrison Ford.  So, then I thought what about Harrison or Ford.  And, now that I'm sitting here I'm thinking, what about Indy???

Okay, this is a hugely different process than ever before.  This little guy may have the weirdest name of the three.  I've gone from a strong believer in the meaning of names (the other two) to let's have some fun with this one.  I love our "meaning" choices, but I'm having fun having fun!

So, vote.  Tell me what you think.  Send your friends here.  Have them vote!  And!  If you have a better idea, add it in comments!

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The Lowe Family said...

i totally say carter or rocky. be different!!