Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Way Overdue!!

Since I'm in the last month of pregnancy, I've decided to spend the next month purging all unnecessary stuff, clutter, crud, you fill in the blank....  Some call it nesting, I'm calling it SANITY!

Today Ernie cleaned our bathroom and I decided to clean out the cabinets.  Why not have sparkle and shine outside and IN.

Here's the thing...when I cleaned out our medicine bin, I found an OUTRAGEOUS amount of expired drugs.  I KNOW I did this like a year ago, but by the dates, I must be delusional because I found expirations of like 2005.  So, maybe I just straightened.  Who knows, but now it's done!  And, here's the proof.  Check out this haul....

A complete gallon size?!!  Wowsers.  So, I challenge you, if it's been a while since you purged your medicines, take 5-10 minutes today to do that.  Seriously, going through them, bagging them up, taking the picture, and blogging about it, has taken me 10 minutes.  And, it's one more cabinet cleaned!

1 comment:

The Lowe Family said...

holy mother of meds. i can't believe that mound. hurry and have ur baby so i can see it!!