Monday, January 5, 2009

Cleaning Task Numero Next!

Disclaimer: This is NOT my cabinet.  Mine looks even better. :)

I'm overhauling our house in a matter of 28 days.  So, the task that's up to bat is the kitchen.  But, these days I'm finding it hard to just "straighten".  I'd much rather move a bulldozer in and empty it all out.  This leads me to dragging everything out of every cabinet and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

I started this process a couple months ago and have actually maintained the results in two of the cabinets!  This is probably the most exciting point!  So, I'm down to the remaining 5!

I'd take a picture of the demolition and show it to you, but we've lost our camera charger (if you've seen it, let me know :).

If you are like me and have recently opened a cabinet only to have things tumble down (tupperware!), then seize this opportunity.  Do one and then another and then another.  It really just takes 5-10 minutes a cabinet.

My goal is to be done by tomorrow.  But, I'm going whole hog, so I'm on warp speed.  What's your goal?  When are your cabinets going to be emptier??


The Lowe Family said...

from what i've seen of your home, i'd LOVE to see this overhaul. LOVE it. take pictures! ps...i keep thinking about calling you but i really wanna talk for a long time and i can't quite find a time during my days that Id be able to do that uninterrupted. don't worry, i'm patient!!

Mama Bear said...

okay, for the record. most of my home is not so horrible. all the living areas stay fairly clean.

my room and bathroom, of which you speak of (i'm laughing), does take the brunt of the abuse. the bathroom and closet look great, but the room still looks bad. it's next on the list!

i will take pictures!