Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Craigslist Here I Come!!!

Those of you who've known us for a while know that we go through Craigslist phases.  We've sold ALL kinds of things on Craigslist.  An entertainment center, couch, perfume, baby stuff (wish I had some of that back now :), video game stuff, workout equipment, lots of electronics, toys, and even our car!

At one point, some of our neighbors were afraid we would sell everything in our house.  It's addictive, to look around and think, I'm not really using "this", maybe someone else could use it.

So, since I'm purging things, I'm assessing what someone else might actually drive to my house and pay money for....Craigslist and what might be of lesser value.....donation.  

So, for this go around, in the past week, we've sold a weight bench with weights (that were doubling as a laundry bin) and most recently (today...hence this post!), 3 Wilton cake pans (talk about something just sitting in my kitchen cabinet)!  And!  I'm waiting to hear back from someone about a James Avery ring.

If you have stuff hanging out in your house that you don't need, check it out.  It really is a great thing.  No cost to post.  It's like a dating service for your old stuff and it's next owner!!

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The Lowe Family said...

oh my gosh...if you lived here with me you'd love what they have here. it's JUST like craigslist but better. less flakes...

i'm addicted to it just as badly as i was with craigs