Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Results Are In....

So, we just got a few of our proofs from Cowtown Camera Girl and couldn't wait to share them.

Daddy and Mama with Dane.....

I think this is sweet with Elijah standing on my foot. He was not quite tall enough to reach my belly.
When Roman first saw this, he said, "Look, Elijah's in his own wonderland!" Perfectly said, that's EXACTLY what he looks like. He was OBSESSED with throwing leaves that day. It's been a LONG time since I've seen that many leaves and the stimulation for him was more than he could resist!

I really like this picture too. I like that I can see the boys' real smiles. And, love the cool is that?!

This is a neat picture too. I really liked her idea for this.

Hard to believe they're only 16 months apart in age...the size difference in this picture is so big. But, I think it's so good. They give some of the best hugs to each other!

If ever wondered if I carry babies in my booty (yes, I know it's anatomically impossible), now I don't have to. Check it out! "I like big butts and I cannot lie....." I'm laughing.......
Okay, I don't think Elijah looks quite like himself in this picture, but I love the concept!

And, that's it. I'm excited to see more of the shots (because I'm obsessive like that). And, I love that we'll see Nell again after Dane is here!!! Thanks Nell you did a great job!!!

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The Lowe Family said...

oh my gosh...those are awesome! i love your serious face and your ghetto you can be like me:)

ur belly is SO lovely, it's almost funny to see you preg cuz i never pictured you like that but you look SO good!