Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deal DONE!!!!

Oldie is gone. She JUST drove off and left me with $1125 in my hands. It's been a long time since I counted out that much money. I almost forgot how to count by 100's. Where's my kindergartener when I need him!?

I'm ready to get it to the bank to deposit it and HOPEFULLY find out that all of it is legitimate money. I'll be REALLY hacked off if one of those little markers reveals a counterfeit bill. But, I guess if that happens I'll have to blog you after bail is posted for me to get out of jail.

We are SOOO thankful for God's provision in even such a detail as better transportation for our clan!


The Lowe Family said...

ugh, i'm so jealous of that money, i want some. so whatcha gonna buy?

Mama Bear said...

Gonna pay for a van. It WOULD be NICE to have that extra moolah, but alas, we are still in the land of the tight budgets.