Monday, December 1, 2008

Out with the Old and In with the New....Wheels, that is!

A long time ago we gave up the grand plan to ever, EVER own a vehicle anyone else would ever desire to make their own. Somehow our cars get broken into, run into, or we run into someone else, without fail.

We basically inherited (code for WAY underpaid for it's worth) our most recent car from my grandparents...a 1998 Buick Century, top of the line, in its day. It came to us in impeccable condition with low miles thanks to Grandma and Grandpa. So, we get it, have it for all of 4 months and the 2nd night we are in a new house, someone busts the little back window, the little triangly one to get nothing. NOTHING, not even a stereo...the car has AM/FM with a cassette deck.

We called around and couldn't find anyone to replace it for less than $800. What?! The tiniest window in the whole car? Called the insurance and they confirmed that approx. $800 was the going price for the little triangly windows in 1998 Buick Centurys. Such a ridiculous price, not even the customer service representative could believe it. But, such is our car luck...

Our car pride was long gone by this time in life and it took us about 5 seconds to decide that IF we had an extra $800 waiting to be spent, we'd rather spend it on something else, so as Ernie put it, we mexicanized it. We drove that car around with cardboard and any kind of tape we could find to keep it in place for over a year. The road noise was horrible and we looked beyond ghetto, but at least it was near free to fix!

My grandparents got wind that their top of the liner had duck tape and cardboard hangin off it and got one of their friends to do some sort of search for our window at junkyards in southern Illinois (that's where they live). Found one! So, it was purchased and UPS'ed to us all for around $100. We found someone to install it for about the same price and we were officially movin' on up!

We're feeling good in the neighborhood when BAM! No more than 5 months after we had a whole car, I decided to take all our comforters to the laundromat to wash them in the big supersize washers and driers. I'm feeling all industrious. I'm saving money this way instead of taking them to the dry cleaners. You can just imagine all the Suzy Homemaker thoughts running through my head.

On my way home, exiting the highway and waiting at a stop sign less than a mile from my home, not on a cell phone, not changing a radio station, DOING NOTHING. The girl in front of me starts to pull forward and then notices the person in front of her is not moving. So, after moving a couple inches, she puts on her brakes. Problem was, she was in a Jeep and I couldn't see the friendly person in front of her and no one sent me the memo that we weren't moving more than 2 inches. I run into her leaving one puncture wound on her bumper. The tiniest little hole, but it crumples my hood up to the windshield and rips my bumper to shreds. WHAT IS THIS!!!!!

Anyway, this is getting way too long, so I'm gonna cut to the chase. The car still ran and our neighbors helped us get the hood flat enough to bungie down. YES, we've been driving our car with the hood tied down for a year and a half now. YES, occassionally a good samaritan thinks they're helping by driving next to us and motioning that our hood is open (because that's what it looks like from the side). YES, we have one of those cars that makes you feel better about yours because at least you don't have to tie down your hood.

But not anymore! Today we purchased the newest in our lineup of fun mobiles. A 2000 Dodge Caravan. We are now in the big time AND we have enough room for 3 car seats!!

God completely provided a super affordable, completely dependable (we bought it from our mechanic and he's always been extremely honest with us), and spaciously roomy van for us!! So we picked it up today, and after a trip to the Car Wash Express and it's FREE vaccuum, Mr. Van has a new lease on life.

If you live in DFW and are or know anyone who is looking for a cheap ride....let me know! Oldie is for SALE!

For your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of our Old Wheels and our New Wheels (if you're looking Mon PM, you'll have to look again's dark outside and Mr. Van hasn't had his photo shoot yet). Okay, I know it's past Tues AM, but I spent too much time getting him all spiffy yesterday, so TODAY he finally got to pose for the camera. He's down there now, keeping scrolling and take a look!



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The Lowe Family said...

I'm looking Tues PM and I STILL can't see it!!! I'm bummed!! I was gettinge xcited throughout this entire post to see the new ride and I was scrolling down ever so slowly as not to ruin the "surprise" for myself. I WANNA SEE!!! I"M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!