Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm posting this now, so if you decide this is something your crew would have fun with, you'll be able to plan for the year(s) to come.

It must've been some grand idea I had last year to save all my Christmas cards so the boys could make Christmas cards this year because when I opened up my Christmas card tub, I found the fun cards we received from yesteryear.

So, you ask, What are you talking about?

Recarding, of course! So, I started by cutting out images and words from the used cards. If you have a child old enough, definitely pass this job on to him/her (or find a good show/movie/music station). Once that task was accomplished, I gathered the boysies, blank cards I had (if you don't stockpile useless items like I do, you can find packages of these at Michael's or probably any other craft store/section), and glue.

I gave each of the boys a small stack of cards (I handed out more as they finished what they had), emphasized that a little glue goes a long way, and off they went creating. As I watched their works of art unfold, I noticed that the cards could use a little bling, so I hunted down some red glitter and made myself (and nobody else) responsible for this. So, as the cards came off the kid assembly line, I embellished to my little heart's content.

Contrary to popular belief that kids + glue + glitter = insanity, we ended up having a relaxing time designing Christmas cards while listening to some festive music. As you might expect, some of the cards have pictures and words glued upside down and some are either sparse or definitely overpopulated, but who cares.

After all was said and done, I snapped a picture of the boys to attach to the inside of each card with doublestick tape. And, voila, one of a kind Christmas cards, made with much fun!

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The Lowe Family said...

SO fun my friend!! How does ur brain think of these things? Okay I will admit that everytime I throw something away that COULD be used for something else i think to myself..hmm..that could be used for something else. BUT then I don't think twice about it and CHUNK it. I need UR brain!!