Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Okay, first off, "What happened to the Love Dare?" you might ask. Well, in short, I'm gonna have stretch 40 days into 120 days or something.....I'll pick it up and explain more tomorrow, hopefully.

So, my oldest has his first ever school program thingy at school tonight. We've been hearing "God Bless America" for days on end and seeing the "Turkey Tango" equally as long AND I spent this morning glittering turkey head whatchamadohickies for each of the kids, so, needless to say, I'm excited to see his professional debut.

If you've ever been to one of these or seen any movie (or commercial) with something like this, you know every parent will be armed with a video camera to capture this momentous occasion. We, on the other hand, lost our video camera along with ALL footage of Roman's first few years when our previous house was burglarized 13 days before Christmas a few years ago (but that's a whole other post...basically, don't keep your footage IN your camera bag), so I'll be armed with my trusty digital camera.

And, now to the point of all this rambling....I'm not good at emptying my memory card. In fact, I'm horrible, the worst. I knew it needs to be EMPTY to hold all this turkey fun tonight, so I set aside some time to move photos from the card to a CD this afternoon. Hundreds of pictures and an hour later, the task is done!

I now have new resolve to stay on top of this madness. I've been inspired. I think I'll make a regular habit of going through pictures after I take them and loading them to the appropriate CD (Winter 2008, Spring 2009, etc.). If you're like me, I challenge you to relieve your own memory card (I'm pretty sure I heard mine thank me)! Just think you won't ever get the whole "memory card full" message again or have to scroll through photos like a mad person trying to decide what you've already loaded somewhere on your way someplace you know you'll get some good shots.

Just a thought on my journey to an organized life (I hear you laughing).....take it or leave it...............


The Lowe Family said...

with all the picture taking and blogging i do i'm a seasoned unloader of photos...i don't need a challenge cuz i rock already!

Mama Bear said...

gloater. go clean your apt. :)