Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lil' Vacation

We did it. We tackled a theme park! We went to the state fair once when Roman was 3 and swore that wouldn't happen again. Total RIP OFF. But, with a theme park, you pay admission and get to go hog wild.

Now that the big boys were ready, we have lil' bootie.

The Daddy was skeptical. I was going with or without Daddy and little boy. The boys had earned tickets from school, and, by golly, they weren't going to waste!

Daddy decided he'd give it a try, so we headed out and took the park by storm. Us and the random woman that stood there with her child forEVER. They look like they're in motion. It's a mirage. I waited and then finally gave up the ghost. They weren't going anywhere.

The boys LOVED the wet rides. They rode first with Ernie and then insisted I ride too. I'd forgotten exactly how walking around in squishy shoes and socks feels. It's been about a decade or so. Somehow, it didn't bother me. The boys were having the BEST time, so all was good!

They had GREAT attitudes. Roman asked on our way home if we could live there. After a day with no bickering, fighting, complaining, and arguing, it's a thought. Maybe they'd let us set up our beds. We could shower in the water rides and get extra big eating all the greasy food.

Dane was a fan of running wild.

So, then I noticed there were rides that even Dane could ride with me (after all, he DID like standing in line). So, of course, if you CAN ride it, you SHOULD. This one turned out okay (even though his expression stayed exactly the same the entire time. Thrilled. :).

There was this one, El Sombrero, that was a BAD idea. There's no picture of that. I'm thankful. We saw they were boarding and so we rushed to get on. WITHOUT watching the ride in motion. Yeah, pretty sure Dane was okay, but I spent the entire ride squeezing him into my armpit repeating, "You're okay. Mama's here." It's been 24 hours and I haven't noticed any Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. Pretty sure we're in the clear.

After that genius ride, we just let him drink out of random cups (from OUR family) and eat any of the snacks he wanted. It worked.

The big boys were on a roll and not stopping until they had to!

We had such a great day. We even went back in the evening for another 3 hours and closed the park down cause we're wild and crazy like that! I forgot my camera for Round 2, but remembered these crazy yahoos and had loads more fun!


JoMama said...

I love the pictures. You're right, Danes hair is very light. However I remember when your first one was his age, we were amazed that he had the same light hair color as Grammy. Now look how dark it is. Somehow I think Dane's will turn color also.

JoMama said...

The picture of all of you on the ride is the best. Dane's expression says it all "Something about this just doesn't feel right!"

Anonymous said...

So glad to see a new post....geez, I thought I was gonna have to enter rehab from withdrawals!

Lauren, Daniel, James and baby Brendan. said...

You are so funny! I am laughing out loud! Love the pictures of the boys. Can't wait until mine are old enough for this kind of fun! :-) And I so get the part about squeezing Dane in your armpit and comforting him. Happened with us this weekend on a water ride.....what was I thinking!?!

matt said...

Um, didn't you have that NYPD shirt in college?