Thursday, July 29, 2010

I WAS there, really.

I'm photo phobic. Self proclaimed. I've said many times that I hope I look better "in action" because somehow my photos never look like what my mirror shows me. So, it's normally totally and completely fine with me to be behind the camera instead of in front. After all, most times I have no undergarments on and have not tamed my bedhead (if you wait long enough, gravity plays its part :). My kids are cute. I'm secure in that. I'll gladly snap pics of them.

But, every once in a while, I wanna be IN the picture. I wanna say, "I'm the one who put all this fun together!" or "I really was at your birth, promise. I WAS there, really." So, I recruit someone to snap a picture (I've tried the whole hold it in front of myself thing. My arms must be too short because I've yet to get a complete person in one of those). Unfortunately, most of those times, I've been too busy getting everyone else their photo best that I look barely alive myself.

All this to say, Embrace the Camera is all about celebrating those moments! I'm linking to this week's challenge. Go check out some other fantastic moms and find some of those fun photos yourself. Embrace the Camera!!

Here we go!

One day this winter, we woke up to this! So, I spent 30 minutes bundling the big boys and myself up and we went outside to build forts, snowman, and throw crusty snowballs at each other.

2 hours, MUCH snow, and loads of photos of the boys later, I handed to camera to Ernie, "Take a pic of us, would ya?"

Oh yeah! The little boy. "Another one, with Dane?" His eyes are closed and we're guessing those are his brothers' backs. :)

Fast forward to Elijah's birthday. Look! It's me in the picture. I'm the one with the pink arm!!

Note to self: A little cleanser and lip gloss woulda gone a long way. :)

We're about to go on a trip and you better believe I'm gonna get better at this! I'm gonna be jumping in pics right and left. Maybe. :)


MarkyDsMom said...

cute pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel! You pics are great though, so you shoule embrace them more often!
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, I should check my spelling more often. 'Your pictures' and 'should embrace' would be what I meant!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

i LOVE my dena!!! and i love that ur embracing the camera.

rock on snow beauty.

-fellow camera embracer.

Lauren, Daniel, James and baby Brendan. said...

I was thinking the VERY same thing! My kids are going to wonder where the heck I was. So, that is it. I am going to be in the picture... 30 extra lb or not, make up or not, ratty clothes or not. I figure when they are grown that they'd just rather see me in the pictures having fun with them than missing. Thanks for the motivation!

Jami Nato said... need to freshen up for these things! i look crusty in most of mine.

Jennifer said...

I agree... A pink arm totally counts sometimes. =)

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Yay! You did it! And with so many cute snapshots too...

emily said...

hilarious at the pink arm in the picture!

so glad you are taking the challenge to be in more photos! your munchkins will thank you for it :)

yeoldesandwichshoppeva said...

the pink arm comment made me burst out laughing!

Anonymous said...


You are beautiful, glad you're getting ok with the camera!