Friday, April 9, 2010

Here Comes the Sun(shine)...

As Elijah would say, "Today is a VERY special day for me!" And, he's right. Tonight was his 6th birthday party! To round out the photo gluttony week, here we go with a buncha pics from tonight...

Dane and I ran a couple last minute errands this morning and then he took a spectacularly long nap and I got soooooooo much done. There was no rushing or freaking out and I loved the pace and the anticipation of seeing Elijah have a great night.

If you don't know how I love streamers, I'll tell you now. Streamers and latex balloons are my favs! The boys look forward to seeing their decorations, so it was tops on the nap "To Do" list. We were having a Fire Truck party and that means LOADS of red, yellow, and black!! I couldn't figure out the best photo angle to get it all in the shot. Trust me, MUCHO colores!

Elijah requested chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. So, we had Fire Chief Chicken Nuggets; Honey, it's getting hot in here, BBQ wings; Midnight Mac and Cheese; and Fireman Fruit Salad.

Kids were in and out playing, eating, playing, and playing. I was loving the relaxed pace. After bellies were mostly full and I'd chatted with some of my favorite people, we started our Firefighter Obstacle course. Up the ropes, down the slide, through the hula hoop, up and over the ramp, up and over the baby slide, and run to the burning building. The kids loved the challenge. They were still doing it after I thought we were finished!

How many firefighters can you fit in a burning building?

We did a little sidewalk paint....

I was feeling a lot like this!

Then we sang Happy Birthday and had cake! My camera battery poo-poo'ed about this time, so this picture I took of it earlier in the day will have to suffice.

Next up, PINATA!

Death by bludgeoning.

Candy rampage!!!

All the while, this firefighter was being loved by....

sweet Holly

and sweet Ahren. Girls THANK YOU!!!!!!! For helping with Dane and cleaning up and probably 10 other things I didn't see. You are SOOO appreciated!!!

And then it was time!!!!!!!

For Sunshine the Fire Truck!!!!!

Fireman Bob (can't believe I didn't get a pic of him in this post) showed us around the truck and let the kids try on his stuff. No, it's not a spacesuit, it's something Firefighterish....just can't remember what it's for. I was too busy looking at Elijah in it!

Then the boys and girls got to go in the cab and check everything out.

And THEN, they got to take a ride! As I was going back through my pictures, I noticed that I have as many, maybe more, pics of the adults riding in the truck as I do of the kids. Hmmmmm....guess you're never too old to love a ride in a fire truck!

We had a B.L.A.S.T.! Thanks friends for helping celebrate Elijah's birthday. He was right, today WAS a very special day for him, and you made it SUPER DUPER amazing!


JoMama said...

So many SMILES!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this totally made my day!

You are so creative, girl! The boys will remember this for the rest of their lives.

Hopefully, they will marry women who will pass down your fabulous birthday party tradition!

MaDonna Maurer said...

Awesome! Pictures were great! You are simply amazing!

Bonnie said...

You seriously throw the best parties. I will have to make sure that none of my children ever see the big to-do that you make because they will instantly be aware of what a fuddy-dud their mom is.

Craig said...


I want you to do my birthday party too!