Thursday, June 3, 2010

Easing back into it.

Super fast. Kinda. Gonna try to make it speedy at least. So, I started a post about what I've been doing on my blog hiatus and then my finger hit the button of death. Have no idea which button it was, but I hate that button and if I ever find it, I'm gonna wring it's little neck.

So, for now, I'm going to share some quick pics of what I've been up to.

Dane and I went to meet Roman for his class picnic. Dane ditched me for his groupies.

I went with Roman on his class field trip. MUCH fun. Love his class!!

I let my babykin lick his very first brownie beater. And he liked it.

I witnessed Ernie catch a snake. Sigh. My husband the slithery snake hunter.

I went to Roman and Elijah's field day. It was the perfect kind of weather.

Roman and his rowdy crew.

Roman went hog wild on the potato sack race.

Elijah rocked it on the egg race.

Then came class parties. Roman's class had banana splits and he got an award for Most Inquisitive. And that he is! This is Roman with his teacher. She is BEYOND amazing. AND, he gets to have her again next year. Her class will be looping to 2nd. Excited, we are.

Elijah's class had root beer floats. He'd been looking forward to those floats since the Valentine Party!

Today was kindergarten graduation. I know, graduation for kindergarten? I've always thought that was overkill, but have to admit I've enjoyed seeing both the boys in their graduation programs.

Elijah got to hold up a sign during one of the songs so the crowd would know what to say. I know you can't see it because the picture's not big enough, but "are the best" is in smaller type below. TOTALLY agree.

Roman came to watch from his class. This kid needs to stop growing.


Elijah with his teachers. They are quite the team and excellent with him!! We love you ladies!

That's it for now. Peace Out. Word to yo' mutha.


Anonymous said...

LOL thanks for the recap... looks like lots of fun! I was having lil' eskimo blog withdraws. See you tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I was having withdrawals TOO!!!
Plus, I can't look at those blue flowers anymore!!!

GLAD YOU'RE BACK and I've missed seeing the boys! Dane is precious with the brownie on his face. Roman's legs look like one of my sons at that age, so long that they are somewhat out of proportion with the rest of him. That kid is 16 and 6'1" now.

Anonymous said...

What cuties!