Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Not?

I know, I know, lots of my recent posts have been pictures of my family. It's exactly what I've been up to lately. Sometime I'll get back to posting other things, but for now, more pics!

This morning I loaded up two 1 year olds (I have an extra these days) and headed to the Science Museum for Elijah's field trip! I almost wasn't brave enough to wrangle two babies, but then I remembered.....THESE are the days I work crazy and odd jobs for. To be able to go to stuff like this! So, armed with a double stroller (THANK YOU Sarah!), many snacks and diapers, a charged camera with LOTS of space on the memory card, bright eyes, AND a bushy tail, we were off!

Elijah practicing for his future.

I caught this shot when he was walking to an activity. Totally in to the fun he's having.

I WANT one of these wheelbarrows. How cute are they!!

This kid was FOCUSED. The moment anyone would put one down, he was all over it!

Team Water Squirt.

A sweet, helping moment!

Elijah and his best bud snackin' on the steps before they went inside.

THAT is the smile that greeted me when he saw I was there. So glad I didn't miss it!


Anonymous said...

You're a good mama!

JoMama said...

Such a sweet smile. I was hoping to see a picture of the Bushy Tail. JoMama

Bonnie said...

You seriously have the cutest boys. That candid shot of Elijah walking to his activity made me smile. I love seeing happy faces.