Friday, December 4, 2009

from the little guy's perspective....

So, we decorated our tree earlier this week. We got it all done, drank our hot chocolate, did our normal bedtime routine, and skadoodled the kids to bed. Then I remembered! Grammy had made all the grandkids Christmas pajamas. I'd been saving them until December and what a perfect time to get them out...the night we do the decorating. Missed that Kodak moment.

Seeing as the month is 31 days long and I'm a flexible one, I handed out Christmas pajamas the next night and thought we'd do a little photo shoot to show Grammy how great the guys look in their festive jammies.

We took 5 pictures and then I declared that we'd have to have a "do over" another night. They needed to go to bed and I needed them to go to bed. As I looked back over the shots, I cracked up and have decided to narrate them for you from the little guy's perspective.

What is going on here? And, where'd my right foot go? Anyone? Help a brother out?

Okay, so the rest of 'em seem excited about this. I'll suck it up and give ya a little smile.

Okay, seriously, mama, these kids are crazy. I'm over this! And, my right foot, hello, STILL GONE!

NOW I have to take individual pictures with the brothers?! Will this EVER end?!!!!!!!!????????

"MAMA!!!!!" Not fair. He can't get me from the back. The kids got like 25 pounds, 2 feet, and 6 years on me. All I'm asking for is fair warning. What's a boy gotta do for some help around here?!

Needless to say we didn't make it to the Elijah and Dane photos. I shut it down. Bedtime all around.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard at your commentating! Poor little guy! Your boys are the absolute cutest!