Friday, October 9, 2009

Say Hello to Dane's Little Friend

Our morning started with MUCH rain, big boys at home due to parent/teacher conference, and daddy at home due to the flu...ICK! After instructing Ernie to wash his hands AND change his shirt BEFORE touching Dane if he woke up from his nap while I was gone, I quickly ran to the school to meet with Roman and Elijah's sweet teachers.

I got home, worked on housekeeping stuff, school pages with the boys, played with and contained the wee one. And then, the doorbell rang. It was our mailman with A BOX (we looooove mail around here)...addressed to Dane from one of the people dearest to pea pod friend Sara!

He couldn't wait to get in! A box, a challenge, he's game!

Look what it is! An AMAZING octopus!!! We named him Ollie.

Dane decided he wanted to explore the box one more time, so over Ollie he goes...

Lovin' the box!

Okay, look at him! I wish you could feel him...he is the perfect softness. I love everything about him....his colors, his fun eyes, his perfect 8 arms for Dane's chewing and gnawing glee, but most of all, that I know how much love went into his design and creation.

Sara, THANK YOU for such a beautiful gift. What a complete treasure!

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