Monday, October 5, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

I couldn't resist. He looks SO excited. He's about to fall over asleep, but will do anything to sit with Daddy a little longer. One of my favorite parts of this (besides his sleepy eyes) is that he's holding Roman's dinosaur in his little hand.

Now to the REAL point of this point. Let me back up just a bit though....I looked at my last post date...over a week ago. I'm hit and miss, but this is taking it a little far. All of us minus Ernie have had strep since the last post. Enough said. I'm back from the dead.

And, since I felt normal for the first time in too many days (I really should go to the Dr. waaay sooner), today I did something I've been wanting to do. I made a headboard for our bed. Yes, we've been those people. People without a headboard. We successfully navigated the waters for enough years and now was the time.

Here's how I did it.
  • 2 pieces of 4' X 8' foamboard from Lowe' left whole, the other I used two 12 inch strips. The total width...72". I also cut 2 1/4" off the height. This stuff cuts SOOO easy with a box cutter (what's the technical term for those things....I've gone blank!)
  • Ripped the seams out of our duvet so I could use the fabric because I love it. A sheet, fabric, your own duvet or bedspread would work.
  • I put the whole board in the middle and flanked it on both sides with the foot strips. The duvet fabric has a pattern, so I did match that so it looked like they all run into each other.
  • To assemble...wrap the foamboard in the fabric. I used both spray adhesive and packing tape on the back side to adhere the fabric. I moved to the tape from the adhesive basically because I got tired of gummy fingers. Both worked well. And, I used a staple gun (because I use it ANY time I can find an excuse that a problem?) to pull the fabric tight, tight.
  • I did measure (although, not all that well) and cut holes in the foamboard for the outlets behind our bed before I wrapped the fabric.
  • I used command strips to attach the whole contraption to the wall.
I promise the picture doesn't do it justice. Mainly because I am NOT a photographer. But also because my family has rumpled all my nicely placed pillows (it had to look perfect for the reveal earlier) and because I CUT UP MY DUVET so you are looking at its guts on my bed.

Mine is DONE and I get to check one more thing off my "summer" bleeding into fall list over on the left. So, now it's your turn. Go get some foamboard and have at it. We can't be the only left without a headboard.


The Lowe Family said...

my favorite part about you is that you're one of "those" people. don't change too much before i come home!

Bonnie said...

Hey what's wrong with "those" peope? We don't have a headboard!!! And, probably won't unless I suddenly have nothing else to do with my money. Don't see that happening for awhile.

Lil Eskimo said...

not a THING! i am only newly not one of those people. it hasn't gone to my head....yet. :)

bonnie, i decided that i would use my birthday money for, my birthday, this year. novel, i know. normally, i use it on someone else or on necessities. with that said, this project was WAAAY cheap. $21 dollars for the styrofoam. the rest of the things i already had at home. you know you wanna wrap some styrofoam.....