Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kindergarten Cutie

At tonight's PTA meeting, the kindergarteners sang. And, with them, our own cutie, Elijah!

Here he is waving at me as he walks into the door.

Roman, up close and personal, waiting next to me for the program to start.

Mrs. Abt did an amazing job with the littlest people in the school in such a short time. The kids did great!

Dane was snatched up by one of Ernie's coworkers...I caught up with him a couple people down the line. Here he is with Veron...his haircut twin!

Roman and Lexi. They've been in the same class for the last two years and are fun friends. Lexi's mom is one of my favorite teachers in the whole school!!

I know I'm way biased, but I just think these are two of the cutest kids ever.

Big man on campus lounging after some 5 star singing!

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