Friday, June 26, 2009

Need somethin' to do?

My good friend, Susan, and I were talking to today and brainstorming for things to do this summer. If you're in DFW, especially FW, these are for you! If you're from somewhere else far or near, I bet there are places and fun things like this where you are.

Brunswick Westcreek Lanes
3025 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth

99 cent bowling + 99 cent shoes=$1.98 of bowling fun. Any week day BEFORE 5 PM. I've never been, but my ex-neighbor :) (love ya), used to go and I think she used to say good things. I'm thinking cheap fun and air conditioning....worth a try! We'll be going!

Bouncin' Bonanza
430 East Main Street, Crowley

1/2 Price Wednesdays. So, I spied this deal on the JUNE calendar. I asked the 16 year old worker if they were going to have this hot deal in July, and, well, she didn't know (figures). So, call before you go to verify this great rate. I sure will!

I hate that I'm just now thinking of this because there's only ONE left. This Wednesday at 7:30 PM they're playing Madagascar 2 on a SUPER STEROID JUMBO SCREEN. This is BIG stuff baby! As far as I can tell and have ever heard, this is FREE!! How cool. My idea is to ride the train to Victory Park AND watch the movie. What a great family/couple memory?!

$1 Movies at Theatres

AMC Summer Movie Camp--Check out this link to see the theatres and movies close to your zip code. Wednesdays at 10 for $1!

Studio Movie Grill--Check out this link for the DFW schedule. Mon-Thursday at 11 for $1/kids, $2/adults.

Public Libraries

I already mentioned Fort Worth's stuff. Click here to view their 2009 summer calendar. Some great stuff like Tako the Clown and Brett the Magician left. Check it out!

Here's Burleson Public Libraries stuff! And, Crowley's stuff is here. Okay, one plug, if you didn't see Zooniversity's Texas Critter show at a FW library, looks like it's coming to Crowley on July 15. DO NOT MISS IT! Porcupine. That's all I have to say!

Mom's ticket is free on Monday before noon with the purchase of a child's ticket. You can enter early at 10 AM, they have crafts & storytelling, AND you get a ticket for a buy one, get one free lunch. You have to download a coupon, so click on "Hawa.....Club" above and get yours!

Dinner Picnic at a Park

There are LOTS of rockin' parks in my area. And, I'm fairly sure if you snoop around and ask a bunch o' people, there are some in yours. The other evening we took food, went to the park, and just hung out to have fun for an hour and a half or so. It IS important to pick an evening with a good breeze otherwise you'll MELT!

Backyard Sprinklers & Sprinkler Parks

Free and fun! Check with your city's parks & recreation department to see if there's one close to you!

The link above is to the page with Euless, TX's weekday specials. If you are near a different location, make sure you check your location's specials. My favorite is Kid's Day buffet, drink, & $5 game card for $6.99. Basically, getting a buffet and drink (which you HAVE to buy) for $1.99.

Trading Play Days

Make a schedule with your friends who have kids your kids' ages. Everyone host different days and do different things OR the same thing. Movies, crafts, karoake, games, fun recipes, sequester them to one area of the house and you all stay in another, you know, whatever works.

Game Day/Night

Speaking of games, get some out and PLAY them with your kids. Or, make up some. Like charades. If you feel like you have a game shortage, hit a couple of thrift stores. I've picked up loads of games over the years at thrift stores & garage sales. And, while you're there, keep your eyes open for puzzles. I got some of my kids' favorites for cents. OR! Trade games with a friend for a week. Sounds like fun already. :)


If you have one, use it. Meat, veggies, fruit, virtually anything can go on these beauties. I love to cook, but lately, cooking has lost some (actually alot, but shhhhh, don't tell) of its lustre. So, I have to say, grilling has reignited my food prep passions....probably because Ernie likes it too and is our super supreme Grillmaster. Fast, yummy, ***** (5 stars)!

Okay, I'm fairly sure we thought of a million more, but this is all that's coming to me right now. Now, YOU, yeah YOU comment and tell us one or more of your great ideas. We're all looking for great ideas. Share yours!!

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these are all great and all but they're kinda far for me. thanks for dangling texas fun in my face.