Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

So we went to one of the Fort Worth libraries today to catch one of their fun programs. If you're in the Fort Worth area, check out their gotta go to some of these! They are a great way to spend a morning or air conditioned fun....things your kids love but don't normally get to see or do.

Today we saw Zooniversity. This is the 2nd time we've seen them. Two summers ago, Roman and I saw their exotic animal show. This summer's reading program theme is Deep in the Heart of Texas, so they brought 6 Texas animals.....a tiger salamander, gray banded king snake, a chuckwalla (lizard), ferret, prairie dog, and a porcupine!

We had such a great time. Allison, the zookeeper, has done a wonderful job both times we've seen it. So educational and just a blast!

Here they are. Play some "Where's Waldo?" or should I call it "Where's Spidey?"

I was racing to get in position to get Elijah petting the cute little prairie dog...didn't get a great shot. :(

Roman petting Doggy, the prairie dog. She looked SOOOO cuddly!

Allison, always saves the best for last, and I didn't see this coming. If you're like me, you have no idea what a porcupine REALLY looks like. Yeah, I know, little ball o' quills, but size wise they are MUCH larger than I expected. 20 lbs! This is Teddybear and I wanted to take him home......for like 5 minutes and then bring him back. Seeing him was completely worth the trip!!

Check out this video. The boys and I are so excited that you can hear Teddybear in this video. Of course, you hear Allison talking, but listen, can you hear him? THIS is SO COOL!

I'm fairly certain climbing the trees at the library is most definitely off limits, but what can I say, we were on a porcupine high!

It was a FABULOUS Friday!

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