Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My little helpers

I'm officially discontinuing the every week occurrence of What is IT?!! Wednesdays basically because I am stinking it up! I'll try to spontaneously throw it in sometimes. If anyone is still out there considering my sporatic may have all given up on me.

Summer is here and this is the time Ernie and I trade roles....I work and he watches the kids. THANKFULLY, this summer I'm not volcanically ill with a little peahead growing inside, so it's started out great!

With that said, summer camps, storytimes, and partying is in full swing and I'm doing good to remember to change the laundry and not have to wash the same load 5 times. I know, I'm SO bad at that.

Something else I'm thankful for are my 5 and 6 year olds! It is such a beautiful thing to have little helper guys around. I am so proud of their attitudes (sometimes) and think it's so cool that they desire to be such amazing big brothers to the littlest dude in the house.

Here are some of the sweet moments over the past week....

Me.."Roman, Dane's awake in his bed, would you go talk to him until I can get up there?" in a sprint. I could hear him on the monitor singing to Dane, so I nabbed the camera on my way up and found this sweet sight. If you don't know what a dancing, singing cowboy is, he's in Roman's hands.

We can only hope the pure joy he's experiencing helping Daddy mow will remain. Something tells me I should keep this picture handy about the age of 13.

Me...fixing dinner. Roman...decorating Dane's diaper. Elijah...trying to entertain Dane with song. Dane....over the repetitive singing of his name by aforementioned brother.

Roman...kissing Dane to settle him down after entertainment threshhold had been reached.

Roman started adorning himself with pirate foam stickers. Elijah thought, hey that's cool, I want some and better not leave Dane out. So, I look over and Dane's wearing this. How nice of Elijah to share with the sweet drooly baby.


The Lowe Family said...

i love the decorating the diaper idea. i'm gonna steal that.

Mama Bear said...

be forewarned that when slobbery hands touch water soluble markers and then touch a slobbery face the sweet face turns colors.