Thursday, June 4, 2009

End of School Year Fun

Yeah, I know yesterday came and went with no What is IT??!! This past week has been ultra busy, so I'm gonna just roll with it.

Below you'll find lots of pics from end of school year fun! I'm posting them in the order taken. So, grab a drink and settle in, there's a LOT of them!


Elijah in his end of the school year program!

Elijah got a bag o' candy from his teachers. When he asked if he could have a piece, I said he could if I could have a piece. This is the wrapper from the smallest piece of candy in the bag...the one he gave me.

This is the piece he picked for himself....the BIGGEST piece in the bag. Hmm....


Roman's class party. BANANA SPLITS!!! There's just something about bananas and chocolate together. D-Lish!

Dane has become the class mascot. The look on his face is priceless...."Hello? Can someone get these kids off me?!"

Roman's class got goodie bags from their teachers and parents. His teachers have organized this for every party...such a great idea. The kids LOVE it!!

SURPRISE VISIT from Grammy & Papaw!!!!! Just a quick evening, but SO much fun! Dinner at Spring Creek....yummy to our tummies!

Grammy kisses for sweet!

Grammy kisses for Roman...never too big!

Reunited!! First time since Mom & Dad were here his first 2 weeks! I think he's a fan of his Grammy....who isn't?

And the tongue...

Love this one!!! No caption needed!


Roman's Kindergarten graduation. My big, tall cutie.

Couldn't be any prouder of this little guy!

Roman's teacher, Mrs. Turnage. He had such an amazing year in her classroom.

Sonic Free Rootbeer Floats. Elijah's a fan!

Roman is desperate to eat more!

The week has been a blast. What a great start to a fun summer!


The Lowe Family said...

the only thing i'm gonna say about this post is...

i want some REAL TEXAS BBQ

Lisa said...

Looks like your mom is doing well! I hope all is well with her.
Great pics!

Mama Bear said...

Jessica...I KNEW you would say that. :)

Lisa, she is doing so much better. It was wonderful to see her!