Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cowpoke Fun!

This summer I'm having a great time working with some of the kids in our community. I thought I'd share some cute moments AND some of the fun ideas. Feel free to try these at home. THESE kids are loving it and I hope yours do too!

What would a cowpoke do without his cowboy chow? The boys and girls got to choose from a whole wad of scrumptious snacks to make their chow. What I used: raisins, pretzel sticks, ritz bitz cheese crackers, marshmallows, dried bananas, sunflower seeds, m & m's, and peanuts. The favs were the m & m's and dried bananas and the kids had a great time poking the marshmallows on the pretzel sticks!

A great idea.....mix a big ole tub of cowboy chow and put it in baggies or bowls as needed for your cowpokes!

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