Sunday, May 24, 2009

She got it!

Kim, it IS part of the American Idol logo. YEAHHHHHHH KIM!!!!!

Lisa was technically the first to get it, but only with the help of the rollover text. I guess that's what happens when you download a professional picture as opposed to those taken by my own camera. Whoops. :)

All I'm gonna say is.....YEAH for Kris Allen!

I'm not a huge Aerosmith, screaming fan. And, definitely NOT a Kiss fan. In fact, I have very few terrifying moments as a part of my memories, and one involves these crazy people. My parents had friends when I was 3ish. They had a middle elementary aged son with Kiss posters ALL OVER his room. Probably really just one poster, but it seemed like they were all over. He used to close the door on his room and leave me in there. This probably only happened once, but seemed like much more.

All that to say, although I can appreciate that Adam has talent. Definitely not my cup o' tea, so I was excited to hear Kris was the new American Idol. Love his style, his creativity, and his love for Christ. Sing Kris Sing!!

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