Sunday, May 24, 2009


Okay, I JUST saw that my mom figured out how to change her follower name to JoMama instead of KEIDNLD193475983734 or whatever random unintelligible string of numbers and letters it originally gave her. Made me smile BIG!

GOOD JOB Mom (or Dad)! My kids call her Grammy, but before she decided on the sweet Grammy name, when I was pregnant with Roman, I told her I was gonna have him called her JoMama. Her name is Jo. You know, like, Yo Mama, only JoMama.

So, this was an idea for a post I was going to do for Mother's Day, and, well, didn't happen. But, since she decided to go and land herself in the hospital, I thought I'd give her something REALLY good to read.

Settle In. I'm about to talk about JoMama and I kinda like her, so this may or may not be long. Disclaimer: Most of these pictures are from before Elijah and Dane. Inspired me to do better taking pictures when we get to be with my parents (I know this thrills you Dad).

THIS is JoMama:

    She is willing to do anything for those she loves. Really. At 20 she already had Danny and I and I've NEVER EVER heard her talk about missing out on her youth. I've seen her support Dad in every decision. She's sacrificed time and again for Danny and I. I saw an amazing example of selflessness in her. I could tell you story after story, but I'll just leave it at this. Who else would let her 18 month old grandson comb her hair?!

    JoMama is a nurturer extraordinaire. As a mom, I struggle with being too harsh sometimes. I don't know how she did it, but I don't have even one memory of my mom using unloving words, tone, or actions. She never ever made either one of us (speaking for you Danny) feel any less important than the other. She knew what to say and when to say it and still does. I don't think it's possible for a mom to have 2 more devoted children. When Danny called me last week to tell me Mom was in the hospital, he was in tears. He's 35, father of 2, and still was terrified that his mom was sick.

    She knows how to bring out the best in others. Here she is encouraging Roman as he touches a shark. Her humor, her transparency, her sense of style (nice fanny pack mom...hopefully that died in Katrina :), her faith. When I was a sophomore in college, I studied in London for a semester. I always thought it would've been cool to do an exchange program in H.S., but didn't have a way to pay for it. So, my freshman year I contacted Univ of London & got it set up, took out a small school loan to cover the difference in cost, and worked 2 jobs the summer before to have spending money. I was SOOOOO excited. And, I loved it. Amazing memories. But, I'll never forget what my mom said when she saw me for the first time after I returned home. She hugged me for the longest time and her first words through tears were, "I can breath now." She knew how much I wanted to go, so she encouraged me at every turn despite her own fears. Even then, at 19, her words impacted me. Now, as a mom, I can't imagine how out of control she must've have felt at time to not be able to get to me quickly if I needed her. I hope to give my sons the same gift she's given me. Confidence and the belief that it's okay to take risks. It is evident that she knows and rests in the promise of God's protection and provision for her children.

    JoMama knows how to have a good time! I am pretty sure my children's song repetoire is bigger than most and that's because my mom sang with us. I am pretty sure my game repetoire is bigger than most and that's because my mom played with us. I'm just pretty sure that my experience (not talking grand vacations and stuff, just normal everyday life) repetoire is bigger than most and that's because my mom made sure we had a chance to try new things. Seriously, these are some big footsteps to follow. How is she always on her game?!

    You would be hard pressed to meet someone with half the creativity that flows through JoMama's veins. Good grief. She writes well enough to be published, she cooks well enough to open a restaurant, she gardens and can grow ANYTHING, she decorates with amazing results, she paints effortlessly, she bakes...check out Roman's cake below, she sews beautifully and that's an understatement, and I'm sure there's 50 other things I should probably list, but it's getting late and I'm past the point of remembering. I'll leave it at this, she always has an idea.

    Ode to JoMama

    I love my JoMama because she is mine.
    Like to talk to JoMama all of the time.
    My JoMama is the prettiest momma in town.
    If you hate on JoMama, I'm taking you down.
    JoMama is fun and JoMama is sweet.
    JoMama will make you the yummiest treats.
    No hair dye or makeup she ever will need.
    I'm hoping JoMama passed those genes on to me.
    Sometimes JoMama's quiet. Sometimes she is loud.
    Of my JoMama, I will always be proud.

    I love my JoMama. I CANNOT imagine having a different JoMama. I do NOT want a different JoMama. And, I want my own JoMama to stop manufacturing blood clots so she can come and live with me when she is REALLLLLLLYYYYYY old.

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    The Lowe Family said...

    ur so funny! i love the poem :) i can honestly say...since i've met ur jomomma in person before, that she IS a very sweet and beautful woman :)