Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, this, OF COURSE!

What was that picture yesterday??

An up close and personal shot of one of the blue flowers of this ultra, tacky, 80's corsage that I got to wear to my FIRST EVER MOM PROM!!!  So, technically, Paula, YOU WON!!  Lisa came close with her iris guess, but Paula stole the show with her generic "up close flowers" entry.  WOO HOO Paula!!!

So, here's the story.  Our super loving church family wanted to do a baby shower for us.  A while back they asked what we needed and since Ernie's coworkers had already filled in the blaring gaps for the essentials I'd long purged since Roman, we asked for a diaper shower.  Exciting, I know.

Stacks of diapers REALLY is invigorating to me.  Knowing that you don't have to buy diapers for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time, now that's a great feeling. seems my request wasn't exciting enough for them.  

So, these creative, resourceful and loving friends OUTDID themselves and anyone else who's ever tried to throw a baby shower.  They didn't settle for baby blue and booties.  NO WAY.  They threw the first ever MOM PROM!!

Let me start by saying I was CLUELESS with a capital C.  Seriously, had NO idea this was anything other than a few snacks, some diapers, and a great night with the girls.

I walked up to the house and found a note that said, "Dena, come on in."  Still clueless, just thought I was the last to arrive.  Being the rule follower I am, I walked on in.  Immediately, I knew something was up.  There was a sheet over the sliding glass door, the lights were dim, and there was lots of snickering.  I walked through the formal living area to the kitchen and family room and was greeted by the craziest group of women ever!

Let me back up.  We have frequently have had conversations about the prom dresses of our yesteryear.  We are not a typical church group where we just check in once a week, we really are great friends and know quite a bit about each other.  So, this was PERFECT!  Let me walk you through some of the fun parts of the Mom Prom...

What's prom without a snack table?  I was asked what my favorite cake was and not being a cake girl, told them I liked cherry pie.  So, can you see the pie in the back??  My friend Jen made a "Mom Prom" cherry pie.  And, I'm sure you've already noticed the cake.  How cute is that??  

Amber also made these AMAZINGGGGGGG chocolate peanut butter bars (I'm getting the recipe and posting it here because YOU ALL NEED THIS!!).  Holly made her fiften million layer dip that has guacamole (gag!) and tomatoes (double gag!), but I love this dip.  Of course, I navigate around the tomatoes and somehow the guacamole blends in.  And, our new friend, Ahren made some kind of exotic yummy salad with whole plants and pine nuts.

It was ALL scrumpdidliumptious!  WWWWaaaayyy better than I remember prom food!

Below you'll find a sampling of the stunning party dresses that were modeled throughout the evening.  These are DEFINITELY authentic period pieces purchased at various and sundry thrift stores and garage sales.  And the hairdos....can we say Aqua Net?!!  They actually used Aqua Net.  These girls were true to the time!

A few things to notice...

Amber's shoulder pads....they're Packers fans, but I didn't know she was doing spring training with the team!

Ahren's hair...check out those wings!

And, last but not least, Heather sportin' the off the shoulder taffeta (is that what that is?)  number! 

All the chicklets looked hot, but check out this cookie!  Holly DEFINITELY wins the Hot Tamale award.  She is sporting the pink and the pleating and some frosty eyeshadow with the teased side ponytail.  Can't get any more delicious than THIS look.  LOVE IT!!!  The photo doesn't do this justice....take my word!

They thought of everything.  Even a choice of dresses for me.  Although I have to say all the cool mid sized dresses had been nabbed, so I'm blaming my bad look on the fact that I got to choose my dress last.  But, you know, it was comfy and I didn't have to look at it.  So, I'm sorry ladies that you had to look at me the whole night...this is HIDEOUS.  Oh, wait, that's the point.  And, after seeing this picture, I'm in desperate need of either a haircut or a can of Aqua Net...I can't decide.

So, here's the Vogue cover for everyone to pose in front of.  I chose this picture so the sweetness of a mama with the best date ever to the Mom Prom would divert your gaze from the fact that I forgot to put on MY frosty eyeshadow and side ponytail. :)

Last but not least.  Mainly because I'm about to get 3 extra kids and mine are building a "shelter" for the fire ants in the backyard. What?  Here's the sweet boy with all his loot.  He LOVES it.  Can't you tell??  THANK YOU for all our 680 diapers and the big ole wad of wipes!! AND, the sweet longhorn romper!

May this inspire all of us to never settle for a boring shower again!

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